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Christina Cuna-Henson, also known as Chrina, is currently the Managing Director for the ROHEI Foundation, a non-profit organization that advocates for adoption in the Philippines.  Their mission is “to honor God by inspiring hope, joy, courage, and purpose in orphaned children and across generations.”

In 2016, Chrina lost her first child at five months due to an umbilical cord accident.  It was during this season of heartbreak and deep grief that she and her husband heard stories about child trafficking in the Southeast Asia and the Philippines – which included “infant prostitutes, baby rental facilities, mothers abandoning their babies on the streets and child traffickers getting hold of those babies and using them for unthinkable ways.” This discovery stirred up their compassion for orphans, as well as for pregnant women in crises, which ignited their journey to adoption, and eventually ROHEI Foundation.  In 2017, the Hensons adopted a beautiful baby girl they called Coco, and have since had two more children.

Chrina with Coco

An advocate for adoption, a beautiful mother of three under three, and a loving wife -- Etika Collective is truly honored and beyond thrilled to share our platform and partner with this Superwoman!



In celebration of mothers this month of May, Etika has invited Chrina to co-design pieces for a pocket collection called Meaningful MOM-ents at Home which is dedicated to mothers.

It will feature chic and comfortable pieces specially designed with mommas in mind!  We are especially excited to introduce the Clara Dress, an Etika Collective signature piece - which is a perfect gift for the nursing mommas. 

A portion of the proceeds from this collection will be donated to support ROHEI Foundation's pregnant women in crisis program and adoption advocacy. This program provides access to prenatal care and encourages adoption as an alternative to abortion, abandonment, and trafficking.

Chrina in the Clara Dress

We will also be offering super cute matching pieces for both momma and daughter. Perfect for creating fun and beautiful memories together.

Chrina and Coco in matching dresses

And for the first time ever, we will be incorporating our Retazos patchwork method, wherein we upcycle fabric wastes to turn into one-of-a-kind design pieces – one of the ways we reduce wastes.




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