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Why Pre-Ordering Is A Sustainable Alternative to RTW


Every decision we make can result in a HUGE difference for our planet. At ETIKA,
we’ve done the research to help you make greener, more informed choices. Our pre-order model is an example of this.

The problem with RTW

Though it’s nice to be able to see and hold a ready-made garment, and then purchase it right away, this model of fashion production can be incredibly wasteful. Clothing retailers inevitably wind up producing more units of an item than they need. Before anyone has time to think of the unsold inventory, another wave of styles swiftly replaces the first, and the vicious cycle continues. A lot of raw materials and energy go into producing fashion items that either end up as deadstock or go straight into landfills.

With the fashion industry contributing up to 10% of the world’s carbon footprint, this type of model is no longer acceptable. This is why we’ve turned to the pre-order model as a more mindful process of fashion production and consumption.

How pre-orders work

Through the pre-order model, we are able to cut back on unnecessary waste because we only produce what will be sold. This means less leftover fabric at the end of our process, and no excess inventory. This slower way of shopping means less impulse buying, so we can ensure the pieces you end up with are ones you’ll truly cherish for years to come.

Our clothes are also specially tailored to your measurements. They are carefully and lovingly made just for you, with consideration for the beautiful, natural, God-given earth around us.

By Nicole T. Delos Reyes


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